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What we do for you and how it can benefit your life      


We offer a highly effective new Jyotish remedy:


Radionically generated

Remedial Planetary Energy TM


A new method to enhance life and eliminate problems has been created with divine help to assist us to free ourselves from the past.  YOUR life can now manifest in a GREATLY IMPROVED pattern.  We have co-created with divine assistance a highly effective new Jyotish remedy in the form of Radionically generated Remedial Planetary Energy TM.  


Everyone has been exposed to the idea that planetary transit energies determine HOW life manifests for us.  Planetary transits affect everyone on earth every day.   The fact is that where the planets are located every day matters a lot.  It controls the way life unfolds.  The effect of planetary transits forms the basis of much of Vedic astrology. 


You can now gain the benefit of the effects of planetary transits without having to wait until the planets come into a position that favors who or what you want to be, and what you want to achieve.  For most people this ideal time never comes.  Now you don't have to wait.


Now you can add to your life energy system Radionically generated Remedial Planetary Energy TM that emulates the waveforms and function of expertly chosen planetary transits.  This amounts to gaining some of the benefit of having the universe structured just the way you would want it.   

How can you do this?  Fortunately we have special expertise and unique equipment that enables us to emulate the energetic signature and function of planetary transits.   Transits for emulation are selected by unusually skilled and knowledgeable experts in Vedic astrology, based on a careful analysis of your Jyotish astrology chart.  The effect is to balance and improve the total package of energies that governs your life experience. 

You get to ask for whatever improvements you want in your life.  Our Jyotish experts analyze your chart with your request in mind and pick the ideal configuration of planets to strengthen energies already in your life pattern that will bring you as much of your desired experience as these energies permit.

Planetary transit energies indicated by our Jyotish experts are then Radionically generated and made available by charging them into a pendant to be worn around the neck or carried on your person.  This pendant enables you to optimize your life experience and brings out the very best possibilities for your life through protection from malefic energies in your life pattern, and strengthening of good benefic influences that bring luck, prosperity and whatever specific improvements you request at the time of placing your order.  

Please take extra time to read this entire website carefully.  We have done our best to explain everything fully.   Feel free to email us if you have questions.  This is a beautiful opportunity for you to improve your life experience.  Please take full advantage of this opportunity.

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